Align And Distribute

Release Date:03/26/2008
This modeler tool is based on the align and distribute tools available in Adobe Illustrator with the idea extended to 3 dimensions.

Note: Due to a bug in Lightwave 9.3 product cycle this plugin might offer no interactivity in some beta versions of the software.

Download Align And Distribute

See also Align And Distribute for Layout

The interface:

Align And Distribute interface

Modified version of Align And Distribute also exists. This version uses icons and matches current color scheme of Lightwave environment.

Note: There is a bug with icons that causes the Layout version to crash upon subsequent runs. Save your work before using. Experimental only. Modeler version is not afected by this bug. Both versions of the modified plugin include source code.

Big thanks to Tajino for creating these modified versions.

Download Align And Distribute (Modified)

The modified interface:

Align And Distribute interface

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